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Glawson/Mack Extra Long Striper - 1644

Glawson/Mack Extra Long Striper Series 1644 
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Glawson/Mack Extra Long Striper - 1645

This brush is shaped like a Fast-Lite Striper 
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Stipers - Mack-Belly

Exactly like the "Mack-Lite," only more belly to the shape in order to carry more paint. Made with kazan squirrel hair. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2. 
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Striper - Fast-Lite

Similar to the "Mack-Lite," only the hair length is longer, and it is made with blue squirrel hair. 
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Striper - Long Handled

Mack Series 250 - Black Laqurered Handle Mack Series 251 - Plain Non-Laquered handle 
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Stripers - Series 10

100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair. Hand Crafted And Shaped As It Was Many Years Ago. Extra Attention Given To Quality Control With Respect To Shape And Cleaning. The Very Finest Grade Of Blue Squirrel. New Blue Thread Ferrule. 
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Stripers - Series 20

Squirrel Hair Sword Stripers Mack Series 20, our most popular brush 
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Stripers - Series 30

100% Pure Unmixed Squirrel Hair. Stripers Are Lacquer and Enamel Resistant. The Dagger Style is a Valuable Accessory For Many Purposes. Finest Quality Squirrel Hair. Dark Green Thread Ferrule 
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Stripers - Series 40 (Broadliners)

100% Pure UnmixedSquirrel Hair. Finest Quality Squirrel Hair. Lacquer Resistant. 
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Stripers - XCaliber

What makes the XCaliber special is it's short hair length. Only 1 1/2" vs. the average 2" and 2 1/4". This shorter length allows greater control for intricate designs as well as long lines. Available in 0000, 000, 00 & 0. 
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Stripers -Mack-Lite

The new striper with less belly. The shape is similar to the "Old Dominican," which was discontinued several years ago. Made with kazan squirrel hair and bound with a brass ferrule. Length out is graduated from 1 5/8" to 2". Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 
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The Mach-One Striper Series 1010

The Mach-One Striper Series 101 
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The Quinn-Mack Quill

The new "Extended" Quill for Curley Q's, stripes ans letters of all types. 
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