FMS Electro Pounce
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FMS Electro Pounce

Price per Unit (piece):

Save time and money by simply drawing with this pencil.
Crisp, clean holes of various sizes can be easily pounced in one or many sheets of paper by adjusting the voltage dial.
Back sanding is no longer necessary because the Electro Pounce forms holes by eliminating unwanted material rather than just pushing it out of the way as with a pounce wheel.
Patterns also last longer because holes made with the Electro Pounce are more resistant to tearing than conventionally pounce holes.
The Electro Pounce comes complete with a 10 foot pounce cord and a dozen replacement needles.
Cord assemblies are available in several standard lengths, and custom cords of nearly any length are available on a special order basis.