General Purpose Ink
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General Purpose Ink

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A long-term multi-purpose outdoor ink designed to print on a wide range of substrates. GP-0000 Series ink eliminates the need for carrying a large inventory of different types of ink. Ideal for P.O.P. and general display applications where a gloss finish, scuff resistant surface are required.
Application: P.O.P. / DISPLAY, SIGNS, DECALS.
Thinning : May be used straight from the can but it is recommended to thin 5 - 15% by weight with GP-1800 Thinner. Substitute GP-1800 Thinner with GP-1820 Slow
Thinner to improve screen stability. For maximum lightfastness or outdoor durability little or no thinning is recommended.
Additives : GP-1700 Clear should only be used to increase transparency of colours . However, this will reduce the durability and lightfastness of the colour. To improve scuff resistance add up to 10% GP-1860 Anti-Scuff Agent. Use GP-1350 Overprint Clear to increase scuff resistance or to provide a uniform gloss level to a GP-0000 ink film. Add 5% to 10% of DC-393 Gel Retarder to thinned ink to maintain screen stability. Use a small amount of GP-1730 Process Clear to improve print quality if required.
Wash-Up: GP-1800 Thinner, GP-1840 Wash-Up
Coverage: Approximately 2100 sq.ft./1 U.S. Gallon using a 280/in. monofilament fabric.
Fabric/Stencil: 200 to 355 monofilament fabric. Direct and indirect photostencil or water soluble hand cut stencils are suitable.
Drying: By solvent evaporation. GP-0000 Series dries in 15 to 30 minutes at normal room temperature or can be jet dried 20 to 45 seconds at 150 °F. to 200 °F. Allow more time between prints for multiple colour jobs.
Die Cutting/Creasing: Can be successfully die-cut or creased but should be tested prior to production. GP-0000 series has excellent vacuum forming characteristics. Gloss levels may increase during vacuum forming depending on temperature and substrate used.
Inks :
1 U.S. Qt / 0.94 Lt.
1 U.S. Gal. / 3.78 Lt.
5 U.S. Gal. / 19.00 Lt.
Solvents :
1 U.S. Gal. / 3.78 Lt.
5 U.S. Gal. / 19.00 Lt.
1. It is the printer's responsibility to pre-test the ink selected prior to engaging in a production run .
2. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for heavy metal content.
Additives 0.94L 3.78L
* Based on information received from our suppliers , these colours may contain the deliberate addition of heavy metals. Heavy metal free colours are available on request .