Scratch-Off Ink
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Scratch-Off Ink

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An opaque scratch-off designed overprinting on printing images. Suitable for lottery tickets, sweepstakes, games, direct mail coupons etc. Prints can be removed easily with fingernail or coin and does not powder.
Substrates: Card, Paper
Application: Lottery Tickets, Games
Thinning: May be used straight from the can or thin to required viscosity with SC0-1800 Thinner. Overthinning will reduce opacity.
Additives: SCO-0030, Release Varnish may be used to coat certain stocks prior to printing if scratch-off ink does not release properly. If ink releases too easily, add 1-5% of SCO-0070 Hardener to ink and print.
Wash-Up: SCO-1800 Thinner SCO-1840 Wash-Up
Coverage: Approximately 1200 sq. ft./1 U.S. Gallon using a 150/in monofilament fabric
Fabric/Stencil: 150 to 196 monofilament fabric. It is recommended to use a coarser mesh as the detail will allow. Direct and indirect photostencil or water soluble hand cut stencils are suitable.
Drying: By solvent evaporation. SCO-000 Series air dries in 15 to 20 minutes or can be force-dried in seconds at temperatures of 90 Deg. F to 170 Deg. F. Use of excessive heat may cause ink to not scratch off
Colour Range
Standard Colours
SCO-0050 Gold
SCO-0060 Extra Opaque Silver
SCO-0030 Release Varnish
SCO-0070 Hardener
Thinners and Wash-Up
SCO-1800 Thinner
SCO-1820 Slow Thinner
SCO-1840 Wash Up