DA Series Nylon and Flock Screen Ink & DA Accelerator
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DA Series Nylon and Flock Screen Ink & DA Accelerator

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Highly opaque and extremely flexible and elastic inks for printing and flocking most synthetic and natural textiles, includes waterproof nylon and other synthetics having a finish. (Pre-testing of waterproof nylon is recommended.) DA Series have virtually unlimited resistance to laundering and dry cleaning as well as ironing. The DA Accelerator has been formulated to accelerate drying times of DA Series Nylon Inks.
SUBSTRATES Cotton, cotton blends, synthetics, waterproof nylon, and finished synthetics. END USES Nylon jackets.
MESH 110-200 monofilament mesh is recommended.
STENCIL Direct emulsions, photographic stencils or water soluble knife-cut film.
SQUEEGEE 60-80 durometer, square-edged blade.
COVERAGE Approximately 500-600 square feet per gallon, depending upon screen fabric mesh.
DRYING DA Series will in most cases air-dry overnight for subsequent handling depending on ink/catalyst ration. The ink will continue to cure for three to four days. Full resistance to washing and dry cleaning is affected approximately seven days after printing. Heat-curing at 300-325F (148-160C) is required for periods ranging from seven to 10 minutes. Correct use of DA Accelerator will reduce the drying time of DA Series Inks to four minutes at 300F (149C).
Code No. Description U.S. Quart U.S. Gallon
DA104 Bright Red 59.95 217.09
DA111 Black 50.05 177.10
DA112 White 55.00 197.62
DA124 Orange 58.03 208.73
DA134 Medium Chrome Yellow 56.10 201.30
DA142 Emerald Green 58.30 210.65
DA152 Light Blue 58.30 209.83
DA156 Brilliant Blue 54.18 193.55
DA170 Clear 50.88 180.68
DA176 Catalyst (½ Pint 13.80) 48.00 164.70
DA1882 DA Accelerator (2oz. $32.40) ------
RE180 Thinner ------- 69.00
RE189 Retarder ------- 76.80
VF184 Screen Wash ------- 43.86
MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: DA Series is a two-part polymerizing system. All colours must be mixed with DA176 Catalyst in a proportion of 3.5 parts of colour to AT LEAST one part of catalyst BY WEIGHT. Catalyst DA176 is sensitive to moisture changes and should be stored in a cool, dry place. Catalyst should be kept tightly closed at all times. Use one quart (16 oz.) of DA ink with a with a half pint (8 oz.) of DA176 Catalyst and add up to 75 drops (1 gram) of DA Accelerator. Stir well.