Ultrabond UV
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Ultrabond UV

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All purpose banner and POP application UV ink. Sticks to everything, great flexibility.
Ultrabond BF is distinct in its ability to offer non-blocking, flexibility needed for banner applications while also providing adhesion to nearly all point-of-purchase stocks. This provides screen printers with the opportunity to reduce ink inventory by stocking a single ink line. Custom colours can also be duplicated easily on various stocks.
Unlike other multipurpose UV inks Ultrabond BF's exceptional flexibility and adhesion stands up to the demand of the most stringent finishing requirements. Ultrabond BF provides a durable, non-blocking surface and has excellent outdoor durability.
· Broadest adhesion range of any Inktech/Polymeric UV ink
· Flexible for sewing, grommeting and die-cutting without cracking
· Allows double face printing without re-wetting or picking
· Low tack finish to eliminate slip sheeting
· Water and abrasion resistance
· Superior opacity provides better color trapping
· NVP Free
APPLICATION INFORMATION -Subrates: Ultrabond BF exhibits exceptional adhesion to vinyl banner, electrostatic vinyl and polyethylene banner material having treatment levels of at least 40 dynes . Ultrabond BF also provides excellent adhesion to ABS, acrylic, cardstock, expanded PVC, print treated polyester, coated/uncoated paper, PETG, treated HDPE, polycarbonate, treated polypropylene, polystyrene, Tyvek â, pressure sensitive vinyl, unsupported vinyl and low tack vinyl. Ultrabond BF has also shown good adhesion to coated metals.
To determine suitability of the product for the intended use, a pretest prior to production is advised. Our recommendations are based on present knowledge. Due to the limited life of surface treatments on polypropylene banner (Propaque â), testing is required prior to production.
Printing:Mix well prior to every use. Although Ultrabond BF has been supplied in a press ready condition for most printing applications, this system may be reduced up to 10% with BF Thinner for special viscosity requirements.
Care should be taken to print the ink at optimal temperature of 70 - 90 Deg.F (21 - 27 Deg. C). Cool ink will have heavier viscosity and will not flow properly whereas excessively warm ink will be lower in viscosity resulting in poor definition and decreased opacity.
Squeegee: A 70-90 Durometer polyurethane blade is recommended.
Coverage: Ultrabond BF will yield an average of 3600 to 3800 sq. ft. per gallon based on film deposit of 0.40 to 0.60 mil thickness .
Curing Specifications: Ultrabond BF will cure well when printed through 355 plain weave polyester mesh or finer. A minimum of 125 - 160 millijoules are required to cure standard BF colours on banner stocks. This optimal cure window is generally achieved with one 200 watt per inch mercury vapour lamp at belt speeds between 75 - 100 feet per minute . Heavier gauge stocks and dark colours which may act as a heat sink, may require 200 millijoules or more.
Adhesion should be a minimum of 95% from curing unit with final adhesion developing within four hours of initial polymerization. Coarser fabrics can be utilized, however, curing parameters may need to be adjusted for the increased ink film.
If a loss of gloss or adhesion due to insufficient cure is noticed, the use of 5 - 10 % BF Mixing Clear will increase light penetration and improve cure. Additions of thinner will not improve cure and may cause the cure rate to decrease.End user must determine suitability of this product for the intended use prior to production.
Outdoor Use: Extensive accelerated weathering tests have been completed on vinyl printed with Ultrabond BF, with an Overprint Clear. The ink withstood 1,500 hours of exposure with 4 hour cycle times of UV light and condensation at elevated temperatures with minimal colour change and marginal shrinkage.Accelerated machine weathering are reference standards and can't precisely reproduce actual outdoor performance. Based on prior correlation of accelerated testing versus real time exposure, 1500 hours is equated to approximately three years, 45 Deg. South Florida.
Metallics: A superior two part system comprised of Ultrabond BF Metallic Mixing Clear and proper metallic paste has been developed. The increased viscosity of Metallic Mixing Clear helps insure a good particle suspension and our new metallic technology provides unparalleled premix shelf life and stability. The recommended mixing ratios are 12% by weight of silver paste and 28% of gold paste to achieve standard metallic colours. For optimum coverage and opacity, 280-305 meshes are recommended. Use Ultrabond BF Overprint Clear for extended weatherability and to improve the non-tarnishing properties of the product.
Ultrabond BF is available in following standard opaque colors and nine Color Matching System shades . Inktech's Color Formulating Guide reproduces over 1,000 colors utilizing the CMS shades . Custom matches ,fluorescent , metallic and transparent colors are available upon request.
Storage: Care should be taken to store ink in tightly closed containers located in a cool (60 - 80 Deg. F/15 - 27 Deg. C) , dark place. After long productions excess ink from the screen should be properly disposed. With suitable conditions, the ink is expected to have a shelf life of approximately 12 months from the date of manufacture
Precautions: Read the material safety data sheet prior to processing. It contains instructions for precautions when processing, handling and storing inks, as well as first aid. If ink comes in contact with skin, wipe ink off with a clean, dry cloth (do not use solvent). Wash and rinse the affected area with soap and water.
1. It is the printer's responsibility to pre-test the ink selected prior to engaging in a production run.
2. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for heavy metal content.