A-204 (24"w X 48"h) - Side Loading
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A-204 (24"w X 48"h) - Side Loading

Price per Unit (piece): $47.65

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs effectively broadcast your advertising messages. These A-frame signs are very popular among real estate agents, restaurants, pubs, video stores, repair shops, jewelry stores and service stations. A-frame signs are temporary signs and in the most municipalities you don’t need a permit to use them.

A-frames are made of steel they are very sturdy. A-frame has a bevel top that allows a sign to open to perfect angle. A-frames fold flat.

A-frames can hold ¼" – ½" (thick) flat signs. The most economical sign material is ¼" corrugated plastic (coroplast) with print on one side (one side is visible only). Each side can have a sign with a different image.