ProKlip Super
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ProKlip Super

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The harder you pull, the stronger it grips. Instant, reusable  banner clip.

ProKlip is a patented instant, reusable banner clip. ProKlip is available in two sizes—Mini and Super—and will fasten instantly to virtually any material. Both ProKlip Mini and ProKlip Super totally eliminate the need for pre-drilling holes or installing grommets.

ProKlip Mini is designed for banner material. The rope or hook used to hang the banner pulls on the wedge such that: The greater the pull, the stronger the grip. To release the grip, simply squeeze ProKlip (for example, with pliers) and the wedge and clip will loosen.

ProKlip Super is designed for thicker materials, such as 4mm Coroplast or 3mm Sintra. ProKlip Super uses a ratchet design to fasten itself to the material. Unfastening ProKlip Super is easy: Simply push down on the ratchet and pull back. ProKlip super is ideal for installing heavy signs in stores that hang from the ceiling plus dozens of other applications.

Four reasons to choose ProKlip

 Fast: Never again drill holes or install grommets

 Economical: Use and re-use the same ProKlip 100 times

 Strong: The harder you pull, the harder ProKlip grips

 Convenient: Re-position ProKlip easily and without damaging (re-drilling) material