Pole or Wall Mount Bracket - 24"
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Pole or Wall Mount Bracket - 24"

Price per Unit (piece): Call for Pricing

This state-of-the-art system is designed to withstand the elements. The base is made from rust free cast aluminum with fiberglass arms. The fiberglass arms will flex in strong winds, transferring some of the wind load off the banner.


• Cast Aluminum Base will not rust.
• Unique base design will fit square, round, or multi-sided poles.
• 3/4" Diameter Fiberglass arms for strength reduce wind load from banner.  (Aluminum arms are available upon request for an additional charge).
• A one degree cant has been engineered into the base to keep the banners tight.
• Stainless Steel Bands make for easy installation.
• Custom Powder Coating available for colors.
If doubles are required to mount (or back to back configuration) then order 2 single kits.
Banner Bracket Kits come with 40" quick release bands.  We also offer 60" bands for larger poles at an additional charge.
NOTE: Standard quick release bands that come with these sets are not recommended or warranted for use on square posts that are exposed to wind or other outdoor elements.  For an extra cost we can supply special bands for use on square posts (these can also be used on round poles if you desire) - see the last part# at the bottom of this page for details.